Sometimes hearing from other people can really help.  That's why we wanted to share this short interview with an Oliiki mum.

Katie bought the Oliiki app as a full app in her second trimester. She has used the Oliiki app since then and kindly let us know that her baby had been born.  At 11 weeks after birth, Katie was kind enough to give us a bit of feedback on the Oliiki app, her experience and how she had been using it.

Here at Oliiki, we thought it might help some of you out there to hear how others had found it.

I would like to introduce Katie and Baby Rosie.


What was the reason you bought the Oliiki app in the first place?

"There is so much information out there for new parents - articles in newspapers, Instagram posts, stories shared on was impossible to keep track of it all.  I remember searching for what to pack in my hospital bag'.  One link led to another and I stumbled across an article on teaching children to cope with stress - starting from babyhood.  I felt like there was great information out there, but finding it was hit and miss - and depended on me googling the right thing."  

There are a lot of baby apps out there, why did you choose Oliiki over other programmes?  What was it that spoke to you most?

"I really like that Oliiki shows how different activities promote different skills, like 'hearing' and 'habitual ways to respond'- it's reassuring to know that I'm helping baby to be well-rounded.  I also really like that the recommended activities are evidence-based and that they don't need expensive toys - in fact, lots of the activities make use of items you already have at home."

How would life have been without the Oliiki app?

"I imagine I would have either spent hours scouring the internet for advice, worrying that I was missing something, or I would have been so overwhelmed by information that I would have given up trying to make sense of it all."   

Has the Oliiki programme impacted your life at all, or your baby’s or your husband's? If so, please explain.

"The activities during pregnancy encouraged us to reflect on or own childhoods and talk about how we wanted to raise our daughter- I feel like we understand each other much better as parents because of those conversations and it was great to have them before the baby arrived when we had more time. Our baby was a bit ill in the first few months and I didn't get out and about as much I had hoped.  It was reassuring to use Oliiki and know that I wasn't neglecting any aspects of my baby's development.  And it's and it's easy to use when sleep deprived!"

Please share any accomplishments or “wins” you’ve experienced since joining the Oliiki programme.

"My baby loves to lie on her changing mat whilst I push it (gently!) around - I would never have thought to do that.  Some of the activities are now part of our daily routine - like playing with water in the bath and talking about the sounds and sensations."

What would you say to others who were like you? What would your message be?

"Doing the daily activity doesn't take a lot of time or resources, and it feels good to know you're helping your baby grow and learn.  You'll probably find something that your baby enjoys."

What do you feel like now you are using Oliiki?

"More confident - I've seen how Oliiki activities have encouraged my baby to babble, grasp, and roll, so I don't feel bad if we have a difficult week and don't get out much.  Also more inventive - for example, I’ve found that chopsticks are a good size for my baby to grasp, so we use those for drumming.  I also take some of the Oliiki activities and adapt them to suit us."  

What’s a typical day like for you since using Oliiki?

"Every day we read a book, sing a song, do some tummy time, and splash in the bath (all Oliiki activities) and then try to fit the daily activity in too. I don't waste any time googling activities for babies.  And if I'm catching up with another mum, I've usually got an Oliiki-inspired tip to pass on.  This week we were playing with kitchen items and I discovered that my baby loves my brightly coloured measuring spoons.  They live in the toybox now as I don't think I'll be baking any time soon!"

Oliiki would like to say a HUGE thank you to Katie and baby Rosie. We hope you continue to enjoy your Oliiki journey.  We would love to hear as Rosie grows and changes.  For all you other parents out there, we would love to hear YOUR stories too.