Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oliiki?

Oliiki is a company, designed to help parents help their children to reach their full potential and be ready and prepared to learn.

What is the Oliiki First 1000 Days app?

It is for parents to use with their bump and baby in the first 1000 days of life, (from conception to two) to help their baby reach their full potential and be prepared and ready for school and lifelong learning. The app provides parents with daily activities to do with their baby and an explanation of the purpose of these activities. It also explains how to do them and the research behind them.

Who’s the Oliiki First 1000 Days app for?

Anyone who knows they want to make the most of the time they spend with their baby or bump, but find coming up with interesting ideas and things to do each day a challenge.

What are the benefits?

Each week you will receive seven age appropriate activities to your phone, one for each day of the week that will give you something specific to do with your child. These activities are designed to work on the areas of the brain that are most receptive and sensitive at each stage. Each activity is outlined, the reasons why you are doing it are explained and we have included the research explaining why the activity will help your baby’s brain. You will have the confidence to know that the time you spend with your baby enjoying the Oliiki activities will be helping to build your baby a strong brain and making them prepared and ready for lifelong learning.

How long will it take?

The activities are designed with your baby in mind, therefore your baby should lead the way on how long you spend on each activity, if they are enjoying it, then you will spend longer. If they are not, then you will move on. But in the early days between five and ten minutes will be enough, as they get older you might even work up to twenty minutes or sometimes even more. Remember, be led by your child.

What topics are covered?

We cover topics as your baby’s brain is ready to receive them. We have topics on developing emotional control, this is bonding between you and your baby. If this is secure your baby will have the confidence to go out and explore the world secure in the knowledge that you are there for them. We work on language development, the basis of all learning and communication. We also cover habitual ways to respond, which helps your baby with routines, self-management, and persistence. We cover hearing and vision. In the later stages, we cover number, concepts such as shape, pattern, sorting, creativity, and problem solving as well as developing skills for peer and social relationships.

Who is behind Oliiki and Oliiki's First 1000 Days app?

Oliiki and the First 1000 Days app is designed and developed by Clare Stead, she is a mother of three and a primary school teacher by training. She has worked in classrooms around the world, has spent time as an education researcher and has also worked in educational app development for the last fifteen years. Clare is passionate about learning and providing children with the best opportunities possible to fulfil their potential. The Oliiki app is the first of a number that she intends to create.

Where did the idea start?

The idea for the app came from reading research that shows that children are arriving at school less and less prepared for learning. This means that children are starting off in school behind their peers, playing catch up from the word go and not reaching their full potential. The research shows that there is a window of opportunity for babies from the first days of life through to the age of two. If these opportunities are used well then children have the best chance of success in later life. Not all parents have the time to find the latest research, nor the experience to know how to apply it to their baby and the activities that they do with them on a day to day basis. Therefore, the Oliiki First 1000 Days app was borne to give parents the confidence to engage in brain stimulating activities with their children from the earliest of days.