Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Oliiki Programme?

The Oliiki programme helps parents and parents-to-be not just fill their days, but rather to make each day a fun-filled learning adventure for their baby and themselves! All delivered in a handy to use app!

How does the Oliiki programme work?

It's full or simple activities to do with your bump, baby or toddler using the things from in and around your home. It shows you not only what to do and how to do it, but what your baby is gaining from doing it. This helps you understand the learning you are giving them through the simple things you do, which in turn helps you feel fabulous as a parent! It also develops your parenting skills through the simple play activities you do.

Who’s the Oliiki app for?

Any new parent or parent to be who wants to feel really great about the things they are doing with their baby and the time they spend with them. It's for parents who want to understand more deeply the impact they are having on their baby and who want to ensure that their baby reaches their full potential in a simple, fun, child lead, play-based way. It starts from the very beginning of pregnancy and goes right up until your baby is 2 years old.

What are the benefits?

You're never going to be wondering what to do to fill the day again! You will never be wondering if you are doing the right thing for your baby. You will know that the games you are playing with them are helping them develop to their full. And you will understand so much more about your baby's development and learning.

How long will it take?

The activities are designed with your baby in mind, therefore your baby should lead the way on how long you spend on each activity, if they are enjoying it, then you will spend longer. If they are not, then you will move on. But in the early days between five and ten minutes will be enough, as they get older you might even work up to twenty minutes or sometimes even more. Remember, be led by your child.

What topics are covered?

We cover topics as your baby’s brain is ready to receive them. We have topics on developing emotional control, this is bonding between you and your baby. If this is secure your baby will have the confidence to go out and explore the world secure in the knowledge that you are there for them. We work on language development, the basis of all learning and communication. We also cover habitual ways to respond, which helps your baby with routines, self-management, and persistence, developing their bodies, their creativity, and imagination. We cover hearing and vision, both at the heart of communication and understanding. In the later stages, we cover number, concepts such as shape, pattern, sorting, creativity, and problem-solving. We also have activities that help develop peer and social skills and work towards helping your child build strong relationships. Without even realising it, you will also be developing your knowledge and understanding of child development which will build your confidence as you start your parenting journey. And all this is done through play!

Who is behind the Oliiki programme?

The Oliiki programme is designed and developed by Clare Stead, she is a mother of three and a primary school teacher by training. She has worked in classrooms around the world, has spent time as an education researcher and has also worked in educational app development for the last twenty years. Clare is passionate about learning and providing children with the best opportunities possible to fulfill their potential. She also cares deeply about you, the parents, helping you start your parenting journey strongly is really important to Clare as she knows what a massive impact this will have not only on the outcomes for your child, but also your relationship with your child through life.

Where did the idea start?

The idea for the Oliiki programme came from Clare seeing too many children arriving at school not ready to learn and access the curriculum. She then Read the research that showed that children are arriving at school less and less prepared for learning. This means that children are starting off in school behind, playing catch up from the word go. Sadly all too often this means they don't go on to reach their full potential. Clare wanted to help new parents and parents-to-be understand the impact they can have on their children's outcomes, and also feel amazing about what they are doing with their bump, baby or toddler. As it's often in the tiny things that we do that the most learning happens, it's just that we don't realise that it's happened! The aim of Oliiki is to show you how those tiny things are helping to develop your child's skills which form the foundation for all future learning.

What awards have we won?

Since starting out our journey in February 2019, we have been lucky enough to win the Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire Enterprise Challenge People's Choice Award and we also came Runner Up at the same event, second to the winners of the award. Taking two of the three awards was a achievement.