Give your baby the very best start in life

Oliiki's the perfect app for mums & mums-to-be. 

Quick & easy ideas for daily activities, to support your baby's development.


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What Makes Oliiki So Special?

1000+ Simple Activities

bring out the learning in an age-appropriate way, for your bump, baby or toddler

Written by Teachers, Education Researchers & Mums

feel completely confidence that in doing the activities you ARE doing the right thing

Grounded in Science

gain full understanding of the learning your baby is gaining from each activity 

Developed With Love

So you can feel each little success and share those with your baby.  We are here to help you on your journey to becoming the mum you want to be (because there IS no handbook on how to parent!). 

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Being a new parent's a learning journey for both you AND your baby.

> Find out how to do the very best for your baby

> Feel completely secure you're doing the right thing

> Know you're doing enough

> Feel confident that you're being a great parent which is SO hard when there's no rule book...

...AND when you've never done it before!

The input you give your baby at this crucial stage in their life really does last a lifetime.

> Give your baby the greatest gift you can, by learning how to use this amazing window of opportunity from pregnancy to two. To shape your baby's development and help them reach their full potential in life.

> Meaningful play and interaction is hands down the most effective way to help your baby start out life on the right foot, so they can arrive at school and fly.

> Understanding what your baby learns as they play makes you feel more secure that you're doing your best for them.

That's why I built the Oliiki app. As a Mum, primary school teacher and education researcher,  I wanted to help parents-to-be just like you to feel confident as you start out on your parenting journey!

Are You Our Next Happy Oliiki Parent?


We create happy, confident parents, 

so they create happy confident children who reach their full potential

 ⏤ that's our goal!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each activity take?

Your baby will let you know how long they're enjoying the activity.  You should be led by them.  Some activities will last a few minutes, while they will enjoy others for longer. As they grow, so will their attention span!

What if my baby is special needs; can I still use the app?

Although the Oliiki app is not specifically designed as a special needs app, your baby will still love many of the activities. Simply enter an age-adjusted birth date when you download the app. The activities will be served to you based on the adjusted birth date and can be adapted for your baby's specific needs. Get in touch if you need more help.

Do the activities need lots of different resources?

No; we have specifically designed the app so that the majority of the activities use things from around your house. We wanted to make a positive impact on the environment and so seek to reuse simple every day objects that you probably already have. 

Some of the activities look so simple - can they really be doing enough for my baby?

For your baby, simple's never simple.  They need to learn everything.  The app shows you not only the activity but also the learning your baby is getting from the play that you're doing.  The science backs that up. All of this build your confidence that you're doing just what you need to be doing to help your baby develop and reach their full potential. 

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